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Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi: event venues

Stupinigi is a baroque jewel to be experienced.

Just 10 km from the center of Turin, plunged into a regal beauty environment, the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi offers elegant halls and spaces ready to turn into a perfect venue for your events.

Where to celebrate: choose your special venue

From the Citroniere to the Central Hall, up to the exclusive Court of Honour, choose the perfect venue for your events in the marvelous Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi.

The Citroniera, the Scuderia, and the Semi-circular East Hall.

Over the years, the receptions and event venues in the eastern wing of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi have known different uses and destinations. The initial project designed them as kennels and accommodations for staff, but later, they became stables with terracotta floors, wooden windows, mangers, and racks. In 1826, with the creation of the menagerie of Stupinigi, the semicircular hall was even used as the home of Fritz, the elephant of the Palazzina. Starting from 1850, the rooms were renovated and re-equipped to use them as Citroniera, hosting all the citrus trees of the Palazzina.

Today, all these vast rooms represent incredible event venues near Turin, perfect to welcome your special moments surrounded by charm and history.

The Citroniera, The Scuderia, and the Semi-circular West Hall

On the opposite side of the Palazzina, the West Citroniera was realized between 1791 and 1797 with the same materials as the other one. After hosting many utility rooms, it is now the best place for lemon and orange trees to rest. You can hire a series of rooms of simple elegance as a location for your events, from private parties to corporate events.

Your event in the Central Hall

The heart and soul of the Palazzina. The Central Hall hosted the big parties as a ballroom and the weddings of the Savoy Family. Designed by Filippo Juvarra in every detail, from the architecture to the decors, and enhanced by astonishing hunting frescos made between 1731 and 1733 by Domenico and Giuseppe Valeriani Brothers, the Central Hall is ready to become a sumptuous location for events, concerts, conferences, and shows.

The Sala del Cervo (Hall of the Deer)

The 18th-century Juvarrian stable was transformed into a place for entertainment and a portrait gallery in the 20th century.

Twelve late eighteenth-century oval medallions are carved in wood on the walls, depicting the genealogy of the ancient Savoy counts. The imposing original sculpture of the Deer stands at the center of the hall. It was realized in 1766 by Francesco Ladatte in bronze, copper, and gold leaf. Until 1992, the statue had been watched over the pavilion roofed Palazzina before being replaced by a copy modeled by Riccardo Cordero in the same year. Today, the room and the Deer will be the central masterpiece of your reception or wedding at the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi.

Sala Camini (Hall of the Fireplaces)

Realized on a project by Ludovico Bo between 1788 and 1792, in the same period of Scuderie di Levante, this space named Sala Camini (Hall of the Fireplaces) was initially destined for gentlemen and their valets. After an impressive restoration, it was converted into an open space in the early 20th century. This hall still preserves the original coffered vault and the magnificent marble fireplaces in the apartments, hence the name. 

Its structure is ideal as a location for ceremonies and conferences.

The Kitchens

The so-called “Ufficio di Bocca” oversaw food preparation and preservation with the help of a cellar and a bottle cellar. Reworked during the 18th century, the space retains historic service fixtures and fittings such as fireplaces, stoves, heaters, sinks, and central heating used to warm the apartment on the upper floor. The oversized kitchen, surrounded by the other rooms, is directly connected with the dining room and the game room of the west apartment by a staircase and a dumbwaiter—an ideal set for events or temporary exhibitions.

The Court of Honour

Outside the Central Hall, framed by a majestic iron gate, the impressive courtyard can host concerts, private parties, shows, and cultural appointments, immersed in the incredible ambiance of the Palazzina.

Plan your exclusive visit

If you are looking for a unique experience in Stupinigi, you must try the exclusive out-of-hour visit of the Palazzina. Live the place’s fascinating history accompanied by an expert personal guide out of the regular opening times. 

Contact us to define every detail and to book directly.

Info and Contacts

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